Cerebral Donkey...Always put your head before your ass.

I am but one software developer who picked a really hard to look at backround color for his page. If for some reason you should want to contact me, find my e-mail address here.

My Open Source Projects ltwCalendar

I took over some of the concierge duties for this project in 2005 after writing an extension to display a monthly event calendar as a PDF. Development on that calendar has slowed down somewhat as it was originally written to be a fairly small and simple application, not really with public release and ease of maintainability in mind.


This is currently a Windows DirectX application I wrote in 2006 due to the fact I couldn't find a sound player to suit my needs for running sound cues for Flying Fish Fun Factory. The main thing it does is allow quick access to many sound files while not making superfluous alert sounds when something screws up. My goal is to extend this while keeping it fully functional and simple to use.

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